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PostSubject: Jarrod   Jarrod I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 24, 2009 2:43 am

As we all know Jarrod is always into and up to something, he is a very creative little boy with Lem chasing after him trying to keep him on track. This has turned out to be a full time job for all of us. I do believe his uncle has thought him things that are not fitting and shall cause harm to him one day, thus we carry on. Our love him increasing daily.

It was mid afternoon when from the other room I hear Lemuel "J no! Stop! Mom is goin' be mad" then he voice seems said, I got that cactus for mommie"

As I round the corner I see Lemuel toss the basketball at J in an attempt to get him to stop. My eyes widen as I see my darling child urinating on the cactus as the ball bouncing off his naked backside pushing his body forward into the cactus.

My mind races as I figure out to handle this situation and stiffle a laugh so not to encourage the child.

Jarrod Jarrod10
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