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 A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna

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PostSubject: A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna   A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 24, 2009 1:12 am

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna A10 It is earlier morning as we leave town heading deep into the woods we can hear the river rushing in the distance. The pain I have felt in my back has now expanded to my stomach. I lay my hand upon my stomach rubbing it trying to ease some of the pain as we continue along the narrow path and I mentally count the time between contractions.

The road is long but surprisingly smooth from years of wear, as I look up toward the sky trying to divert the attention away from me snow flakes gently land upon my face. The winter breeze blowing upon us causing our cheeks to become rosy red. I try to keep my steps going as the pain increases so not to incite alarm and cause Malion to go into shear panic especially with us being out in the middle of nowhere now.

As the sun begins to settle behind the tree line I look over to Malion smiling as our steps are in unison. The snowing has increased covering the ground quickly. Then I feel a gush of warm liquid descend upon my legs. I knew the time was here and knew I could not hide the fact from him any longer. I stop touch his hand say:
"Honey I think we better stop and erect the tents."

Malion's face turns as white as the snow upon the frigid ground. As I force a smile upon my lips seeking to hide the intense pain I point in the direction toward where there is a flat clearing and that is close to the river just off the path.

In sear panic Malion erects the two tent up in a flash neither of us realizing that the next town is right over the hill. As he leads me into the tent setting me gently down on the bed I look up to him say:
"Honey we are going to need help I am not sure I can do this alone. I know you don’t wish to leave my side but, need a fire built and" ooooooooh panting hehehehehe …
A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna B10

As Malion holds my hand looking helpless with his face a pale white I know I must keep my wits about me I say to him: "Check to see if anyone is traveling the road preferable someone we know and trust."

As he begins to the leave the tent I groan out: "Baby!" As he turns I say "Hurry, I think I can feel the head starting to crown."

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna C10 Patan is strolling through the wood, enjoying the quietness - not many people are out and about at this time of the year. Walking along the path, she has been watching the few birds remaining at this time of year - a cheeky robin hops through the bare bushes at the side of the path, pecking at the ripe red berries it finds there, and a blackbird twitters in the trees above. She has wrapped up warm for her walk and is feeling quite cozy as she steps carefully along the frozen ground, looking forward now to reaching home and settling down in front of the fire with a mug of something comforting.

As she turns to head home, she hears voices to the side of the path and looks round to check who these might be. Noticing a tent, she a figure appearing from within. It looks like Malion and so she walks carefully away from the path towards him. She knows that Babe is near her time, and hopes that the other voice she heard was not her - she really should not be out here with the baby's arrival so close.

Nearing the tent, Patan calls out...
Helloooo! Malion, is that you? Is everything all right?

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna D10 Malion had greatly enjoyed their travels together, the roads they had traveled. He knew it probably wasn't the best thing for Babe to be doing in the condition was in, what with it being so close to time.

As they walked the road he could see she was a bit uncomfortable so he slowed his steps allowing for an easier pace. He looked over to Babe, seeing her smile relieved him some what. He was worried thinking she looked as if she was in pain but she was hiding it rather well.

Malion was just about to suggest taking a rest when Babe stopped and touched his hand. He knew at that instant his suspicions were correct, the baby was coming and right then he was with Babe alone. His face paled at the thought of delivering his own child, as he had no experience and very little knowledge.

He hurriedly erects the tents making sure both are set up correctly before helping Babe to the bed. He held her hand gently looking down to her face, feeling quite helpless, as she suggested getting some help, building a fire, and one more thing which she couldn't finish because of the intense pain.

He looked into her eyes, not wanting to leave but knowing it would be the best thing to do in the long run. Malion leaned down kissing her gently before standing and hurrying out the tent.

As Malion turns to make a fire he hears a voice calling to him. He turns and runs to Patan, thanking Jah every step of the way for sending her this way. His words come out fast and somewhat run together,
Patan, yes it's me. But everything is not alright.......well it's alright I think but not alright. He slows himself down mentally trying to keep himself from panic as he leads Patan to the tent, Babe's gone into labor and needs help, I'm no good at delivering babies.

Malion strides into the tent to Babe's side taking her hand in his, being better composed then before he talks to her gently. It's going to be alright honey, look who was on the road. He tenderly brush's Babe's forehead with his hand, looking to her face lovingly.

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna A10 Between my own moaning and groaning I can hear foot steps crunching into the snow and I know it is not that of my husband. The crunching is much lighter. The need and want to push is intense however being in here alone I know that I must abstain from doing so.

As another intense contraction hits I grab the pillow bring it to my lips biting down on it in order to keep from screaming out and scaring the daylights out of Malion.

As the contraction continues I can feel the babies head slide further down when I hear a voice that is familiar say;
Helloooo! I think Patan? The voice continues. Malion, is that you ? Is everything alright?

I feel the cool air cover me as Malion steps back into the tent then strides over to my side as he tenderly brushes my forehead I moan out: Patan! Come quick, the babies head is crowning." I mumble; "Thank God you are here!"

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna C10 Entering the tent behind Malion, Patan quickly sees that Babe is pretty much on the way to delivering the baby.

Turning to Malion, she smiles at him ...
All right, Malion, keep calm! Everything is going to be just fine, and pretty soon you'll be a daddy! Looking around and seeing a fire, she asks Malion to heat up some water, knowing that it will keep him busy and hopefully stop him worrying too much for a while, and will be useful a little later to cleanse the mother and baby.

She moves to Babe and checks on the progress of the birth...
Babe...don't worry, we'll make sure everything goes well. Now then, you're right, and the baby's head is there now...so, let's go! You've done a lot of the hard work, just need to push for a bit now, I think! She reaches down and softly steadies the top of the baby's head, ready for its journey into the world, as Babe gathers herself for the effort.

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna A10 As a big contraction hits I groan out "I am so thankful you are here!? I listen to her words as I watch Malion stammer toward the opening of the tent pausing as he hears me groan. I smile weakly to him saying; "It's alright baby do as she says."

I grip the pillow take a breath as the contraction continues leaning forward and push, push. Push! I can feel the baby edging forward.

Another contraction takes over my body I lean up again pushing when I feel the head pop through. I lay back down thinking it's over when Patan says.…

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna D10 Malion hurries to heat up some water at Patans request. He runs out to the river filling a pan of water being careful not to spill it on the way back.

After setting the water over the fire he returns to Babe's side holding her hand as she pushes hard then lies back down.

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna C10 As the baby slides into her hands Patan looks down at the brand new life, a tear in her eye. She quickly checks the baby over, making sure it's breathing and that there are no other problems...perfect!

Looking up at Babe and Malion with a smile, she says quietly,
"Babe...Malion...you have a baby son!"

She leans over and puts the baby on Babe's tummy and begins to tidy around a little, letting them have a little time together before she cuts the baby's cord and cleans up.

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna A10 Pushing one last time the baby slides out into Patan loving awaiting hands. I try to relax waiting to hear the cry of our child in panic I say: "Is the baby alright?"

As my words float into the air I hear her say: Babe,,,Malion... you have a baby son!

I smile to Malion saying : "A son! Jarrod Ramsey Aaron Scott" I reach up caressing Malion cheek when Patan lays our baby on my tummy.

A tear slips from my eyes as I scan him fully:
"He is so beautiful, he looks just like you honey."

I look over to where Patan is: "Thank you so much for being here, for helping me, for being a part of this special moment in time".

I hand Malion him his son my eyes close as another contraction hits I am thinking it might be the afterbirth but the contraction doesn't let up I groan out "Patan, Patan! "..

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna C10 Patan smiles at Malion and Babe as they gaze, entranced, at their perfect little son.

After a few moments, she picks up a clean cloth and dips it into the warm water to clean Babe and then the baby.

As she moves towards Babe she looks more closely at her, just as Babe groans and calls for her. Leaning over to feel her belly, Patan says,
"Babe...I could be wrong, but...I don't think you have quite finished here! I think you need to push again!"

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna D10 Malions mind races hearing Patans words he thinks, I have a son!

He looks to Babe's smiling face, his own eyes shining with happiness as he leans down to kiss her lips softly. He leans his cheek into her soft caresses looking toward their little baby boy. He is completely speechless seeing his son.

Malions heart surges with a rush of emotions as Babe hands him little Jarrod. He holds his son as if he is a china doll, being very careful.

His eyes widen hearing Babe groan then hearing Patan,
Not quite finished…

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna A10 With the contraction so strong and hearing Patan words I lean up pushing hard feeling slight movement I push again with the contraction.

My eyes widen as I feel another head beginning to descend from within.

Even with being in intense pain I manage a smile upon my face as I look over to Malion who looks like he is about to pass out. I mutter:
"Honey sit down with our son.?"

Contraction .oooh.. . I think you might be right Patan, I push again as I feel Patan hands move forward taking the crowning head. I mutter is it ?... could it possibly be ? Ugh pain I push ... I hear the pop .

I stay sitting up trying to see and waiting to hear is it could it be another baby I mutter
"Patan talk to me tell me is it... can it be... boy or girl??"

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna C10 As Babe's contractions regain strength, Patan watches carefully. After a while, she sees another baby's head beginning to appear and readies herself. She steadies the baby's head as it slithers through the birth canal and into her waiting hands.

As she looks carefully at this newly born child, she smiles and raises her head to the waiting mother and father and nods,
"Babe...Malion...this time, you have a daughter - a perfect little girl."

Reaching over to put the tiny girl on to Babe's belly, she checks Babe more carefully this time, to ensure that there are no more surprises, finding everything as it should be.

 A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna A10 I exclaim;  A girl!  Name, need a name... Jhavanna Elizabeth Rachell yes think that fits her perfectly.  What do you think honey?
Welcome to the world little ones! 
Jarrod Ramsey Aaron & Jhavanna Elizabeth Rachell 
As I run my finger along her delicate little body I look lovingly to Malion as he cradles Jarrod in his arms, then I look to Patan  "Thank you, thank you so much!" 
Patan...."Would you like to hold her or him?"
"Patan I have a question for you;  Would you consider being God Mother to our children?"

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna C10   Patan smiles and takes Jhavanna in her arms, she looks down at her and then grins at Babe and Malion,   Well, Babe, as always, you are full of surprises...twins! Congratulations, you two - well, you four, now!
I'm so glad that I was able to be here for such a magical time for you both, and to help two new lives into the world.
Patan flushes with pleasure at Babe's words, And, thank you so much...it would be an honour to be their Godmother. I would love to!
A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna D10 Malion sits down quickly feeling his legs weaken as he realizes there's another one coming. He holds onto his son Jarrod carefully with one arm while his other hand reaches to hold onto Babe's hand as she struggles through another contraction.
He looks from Babe's face to Patans to little Jarrods back to Babe's as he waits. Time seems to stop as he holds his son hearing that he's the daddy of a daughter as well. A small tear falls from his eyes feeling how blessed he truly is as he smiles to Babe.
Malion caress Babe's cheek with his fingers saying softly,
Jhavanna Elizabeth Rachell, it's a beautiful name my love and she's a beautiful little girl.

Malion smiles to Patan, Thank you so much for being here. He turns his head to where Babe is holding their daughter, running her fingers along Jhavanna's body. His eyes continue about the room to Jarrod in his arms, who is starting to loudly proclaim his birth to the world. Malion leans down gently kissing his son, admiring his little eyes and hands.
He sighs happily, moving closer to Babe as she hands little Beth to Patan. He wraps his free arm around Babe holding her gently as he moves his lips to hers, then to her ear,
I love you honey so much. His eyes twinkle into hers, Thank you m'love, for being my wife, for these new little ones.

 A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna C10 Returning the new baby to the proud parents, as they share a private moment together with their new arrivals, Patan begins to tidy up.
Having cut both the babies' cords, she gathers up the afterbirth and takes it outside, returning with a bowl of water.
Quietly moving around the tent, not wanting to disturb the new family, she washes and cleans as much as she can and then goes back outside to dispose of the now dirty water.


A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna A10 My heart swells full of love for that entire are here, my appreciate for Patan soars through the roof into the night sky as a tear of joy streams down my cheek.
I sigh gleefully;
“Twins, a boy and a girl… twins.” 
I look over watching Malion cradle Baby Jarrod as Patan takes baby Jhavanna from my stomach into her loving arms.  
As she congratulates us my mind rushes then I chuckle  
Four of us.  Indeed this has been a magical day, here with my loving husband and you , you…  sigh…  you are so wonderful….you as Godmother to our children my mind can rest knowing that they will be well protected if ever needed.
My life is full, my life is complete with my loving husband, the birth of our babies and our good friend being here.  I reach up wiping away the tears as I continue to watch them both as they cradle our new born twins.
My eyes sparkle as Patan hands Jhavanna to me, my heart leaps with joy as I look to the new life that is within my hands I sit up holding her running my index finger along her dainty figure.  As my index finger comes to her little hand Jhavanna wraps her delicate teeny fingers around mine.
  Aww, look honey!
With  my eyes scanning  across her perfect petite naked body I reach down gathering my backpack pulling out the blankets, diaper material and clothing that I had so tenderly mended for one but was sure to pack extra for the many days of travel.  Still smiling I hand a set of clothing, a diaper and a blanket to Malion so he can dress our son Jarrod as I attempt to dress Jhavanna.  
I watch Malion’s eyes widen as to be saying
“me, you want me to dress him but, but, but…”  I reach over touch  his arm soothingly trying to calm his nerves.  He takes the items sitting inaudibly as I move my hand back to baby Jhavanna caressing her tenderly.
Nervously I pull my legs up laying baby Jhavanna upon my stomach and legs as I bring the little white hat over her tiny head.  With my fingers brushing gently  about her light blonde hair gliding down etching around her itty bitty ears along her velvety chin up across her pink silky lips to her button nose over to her rosy red cheeks.   
I look over to Malion who is sitting close cradling baby J as he looks at the clothing and blanket then looking at me, I smile lovingly to him as he sits quietly with his eyes intensely watching me dress baby Beth (Jhavanna Elizabeth Rachell). 
It’s alright honey he won’t break, that easily.
My hands glide down Baby Beth’s delicate body as my one hand reaches over gathering up the sterile material that I shall use for her diaper.  I fold the material into a triangle then carefully raise her little bottom while gently sliding half of the material under her.  Before lowering her back onto my belly smiling brightly  I caress her little round bottom.
As I secure the diaper into place baby Beth stretches then a tiny smile appears upon her lips which causes my heart to soar higher.   I lower my head  kissing her diminutive feet as I bring the miniature white dress over her head carefully tucking her arms into the sleeves.  
  Okay honey your turn to dress baby J.”
Patan flutters about cleaning up the mess rushing in and out of the tent I know my love, admiration have greatly increased for her.  As she leaves the tent again taking out the bucket of water I whisper to Malion;  “Honey in my other bag there is a present for her would you mind getting it?
 Malion kisses baby J then lays him gently within my arms pausing with his arms still around him as though he doesn’t want to let go.  I smile to Malion
“it’s alright baby you can have him right back, that is after you find Patan present, he isn’t going anywhere.” 
  Malion picks up my backpack begins searching within it for Patan gift as I hold our two little ones lovingly still amazed at them and how perfect they are.  Malion pulls out a wrapped present asking;  Is this it honey?”  “Yes dear that is the one’, I reply.
 As the light flickers about the tent I watch Malion smiling lovingly as he picks up baby J and baby Beth in his arms holding them carefully as he sits down on a chair by a table bending over kissing each tender as he begins to hum a lullaby to them.
I reach over to my left pulling up my backpack as the glow of light flickers about the tent.  My eyes sparkle brightly as I pull out a package laying it on the table next to Malion.  Smiling I say; 
“I hope you like this honey”
A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna F10

As Patan enters the tent again I speak up; Patan please sit have a fresh hot cup of tea, relax a few minutes you have been rushing around I am sure you are tired.”[/color]  I motion to Malion to pour her some tea he hands me the babies then pour Patan a cup of hot tea.  Malion comes back over picking up both babies before he sits back down.  
 Patan we are so very thankful to you for all that you have done.” I nod to Malion to hand her the present he hands me baby J then picks up Patan gift with his empty hand, handing the wrapped present to her as I continue; “this is a small token of our love and appreciation.”
A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna G10

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna C10   Having cleared up inside and outside the tent, Patan moves back into the warmth, gratefully accepting the hot tea. She sits down to rest for a while, warming her hands on the cup as she sips. Watching Malion holding the babies, she smiles softly as she sees his initial nervousness with them slowly leaving him. She knew that Babe would be a good and confident mother and she can see, too, that Malion will be an excellent father.
Malion passes one of the babies to Babe, and Patan is surprised as he hands her a wrapped gift. Opening the present, her face flushes with delight as she sees a beautiful cameo. She looks up at them, saying with pleasure, 
Babe, Malion...I don't know what to say! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a special time for you both...and thank you for the beautiful gift. I shall treasure it always and think of you all and of this day whenever I wear it.
She runs her finger gently over the lovely piece of jewelry, marveling at the skill of the artist who carved the design so beautifully.
A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna D10 Malion opened the package that Babe had set on the table beside him. He looked from the gold watch back to Babe back to the watch his eyes shining happily. I love it honey, thank you so much.
He opens the watch then closes it weighing it in his hand. He smiles at baby J and little Beth opening the watch and closing it for both of them.
He watched Patan open her gift as he held J and Beth carefully but snuggly after he poured a cup of tea for Patan.
Malion set his new watch in his pocket, looking to Babe.
Do you need to rest honey? You probably should, we can take care of everything, you need to be careful and not over do it.

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna H10 Silvermane walked through the gates of Gloucester and into the countryside. He led both Ghost and a pack mule with him wondering if he should make that trading trip now or not. It was the holidays after all.

His feet crunched softly on the snow as the breath of the animals appeared on the cool air. Looking up, he espied the bright silver moon illuminate the snow covered hills and plains as it shone over their peaceful valley.
Deep in thought ... he stopped slowly as he seemed to hear the piercing cry of a baby in the distance. Bewildered, he explored a little further down the path and was taken aback to see a tent erected not far from the path. A tent that seemed to be alit with candles burning brightly.
Approaching the tent, he tied both Ghost and his pack mule to a branch a little bit away from the tent. Remaining hidden ... the sight of Lady Patan coming out of the tent and throwing something out before returning to the tent took him completely by surprise.
His mind raced ... should I interfere? As he pondered the situation he approached that which was thrown out. Picking it up in his gloved hand, he stared in amazement at the afterbirth.
"Now whose can that be ... " he mused. "Damn... !" he quickly carried it back to his pack mule and found some rags in which he tightly wrapped it, storing it.
"People should know not to throw it out like that ... to many wild animals around ...!" he shudders at the thought of some wild animal getting the scent of it ... especially a pack of wolves.
Angrily he strode toward the tent, as Ghost half nickered and half whinnied in the distance at the strange scent. Raising the flap, his jaw dropped open at the sight before him.
There was Malion ... Patan ... and Babe ...and...and...what were those two bundles one in Malion's lap ...and the other lying on Babe's tummy.
Completely stupefied, he bends and walks in closing the flap to keep the warmth from escaping the tent.

"Er...hello folks...!!?" His eyes fixed wide open at the scene before him.

 A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna C10 Putting the cameo carefully away in her pack, Patan finishes her tea and, feeling somewhat refreshed, rises to finish her tidying up outside. As she begins to move, the tent opens and Silvermane enters.
She hides a small smile at his amazed expression as he looks around him, wide-eyed with wonder.
Well, hello Silver! This is a surprise. I wasn't expecting to see you ... but you are just in time for a cup of tea. Come, sit here and get warm ... and be introduced to our new arrivals!
She goes to fetch Silvermane some tea, leaving him to take her seat and for Malion and Babe to proudly show off their beautiful new babies to him.

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna A10 It dawn on me that baby J’s feet didn’t have booties on them I lift the cover up moving my hand under it then under his blanket feeling his little naked body I look over to Malion shocked that our baby wasn’t dressed and that he hasn’t had a diaper on this whole time.  

I run my finger loving up baby J teeny belly as he suckles I whisper to him;
“Don’t worry little man mommy will take care of you, you will get some proper clothing on your tiny body to help keep you warm.” Smiling “daddy didn’t mean any harm just absent minded.”  chuckle

I look over to Malion and baby Beth reply; “yes I am sure she is hungry too and she shall get her tummy full in a few minutes.”
I smile back to baby J as I lay my warm hand upon his little frame then look up across the tent ask; “So Silvermane what brings you out this way?”

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna H10   "Well...I was thinking of making a short trip to trade when I fell upon your tent by sheer coincidence...!" He looks at Patan as she hands him the tea… "Thank you!"

He blows on the tea and sips it slowly as he warms up. "Congratulations Babe...and Malion...on the birth of your beautiful babies...!"

"Here Patan...please hold on to my tea ...!" Turning to Babe and Malion he continues, " I believe that I have something packed that you can use...! Be right back...!

Silvermane exits the tent quickly so that the babies shall not be cold and comes back in with a couple of presents.
A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna I10A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna J10

"Here these may come in handy fer the young'uns...and got blankets in them too." He smiles at Malion and Babe as he reaches for and takes the tea back from Patan.
He smiles...as he gazes at the babes.
"From Tris and I....!"

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna A10 Jarrod feeds in a frenzy filling his tummy up with the warm nutritionist natural milk as my fingers caress along his soft figure.  Upon reaching his miniature hand he reaches out wrapping his hand around my finger my heart races with love as a bright loving smile soars across my lips.

I look up momentarily as Silver tells us the reason he is out on such a dreadful night.
“Silver have you had great success with your traveling and trading?”  “Is Tris with you?”  “Tell her to get in here out of the cold.” Please enjoy your tea and if you are hungry there is a feast set up in the other tent, do go ahead over there and make yourself a sandwich or dive into the fruits and vegetables.  We made sure to pack an abundance just in case we got stuck out in the middle of nowhere in the snow. 

I gleefully listen to Silvermane as he continues; "Congratulations Babe...and Malion...on the birth of your beautiful babies...!"
Smiling I reply; “Did not quite expect that we would be here in this situation.  Although a wondrous time and two beautiful little miracles.  
Oh thank you Silvermane “giggle” we think they are beautiful babies although we might be slightly prejudice on this matter, not so sure it would have gone so well if Patan hadn’t showed up when she did.

I look back down to Jarrod looking into his brilliant blue eyes watching them close as his suckling begins to slow.  I hear Silver state; I believe that I have something packed that you can use...! Be right back...!

I look up notice Patan has two cups of steaming hot tea and is setting one down as I say; “alright Silver“.  Being totally absorbed with one of my babies I really did not realize what he had said.

As Silvermane leaves the tent I take advantage of this time to remove baby J away as he has finished eating.  Still being covered I move Jarrod, wrap him snuggly in his blanket then over my shoulder, start tapping him on his back while making circular motions in order to get him to burp.  

Upon baby J burping several times I move him to my lap reaching over to bring up the material folding it in order to make him a proper diaper.  I take an extra piece of material covering his area so he does not spray us all.  I place my fingers between his legs lifting his bottom up sliding the diaper under him as he smiles to me, with his little legs and feet wiggling.  I caress his bottom with some special powder that Malion and I had made then secure the diaper into place.  

I pull the blanket over baby J as I gather up his tiny undershirt then pull away enough of the blanket exposing only the top portion of him.  I carefully slide the undershirt of his tiny head bending over kissing him as his shirt glides tenderly over him sliding each arm into the sleeves as I kiss his tiny belly then raise his torso as my hands slide it tender down his back pulling the undershirt into place.  

I smile over to Malion and Beth as I take his shirt into my hand then tenderly slide his left arm into the sleeve, then roll him slightly maneuver it under him then gently roll him in the opposite direction pulling it out from under him.  As he reaches up wrapping his tiny hand around my fingers I carefully slide his other hand and arm into the other sleeve then pick him up in my lovingly arms kissing his cheek down to his tummy before securing his outer shirt into place.

I lower baby J as I reach over pick up his booties and carefully glide each onto his tiny feet.  I look over to Malion as I lay baby J on his fresh blanket wrapping him securely within.  I smile saying
Alright honey bring me our daughter so that I may feed our other little bundle of joy, as my words float outward, I hear Silvermane come back into the tent.

I watch Malion stand carefully with Beth as Silver enters with two wonderful carriers for the babies I reply;
“Oh Silver, thank you, but these are too much.

I blush as I wonder how I shall get Beth into place in order for her to eat when Malion lays Beth into my arms as I lay baby J onto my lap holding him with one hand as Malion picks up a blanket off the bed.  At first I look at him oddly then smile as his opens it fully holding it in front of me so that I may move Beth into place and get us both covered without exposing myself to the others.   

Upon Beth taking a secure hold and I pull another small blanket into place I smile brightly to Malion saying;
“Thank you honey.” Malion lowers the blanket folds it then bends down taking baby J into his loving arms with his perfect lips touching mine kissing me tenderly.

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna D10   As Malion feels the cool air come over him again seeing Silver leave for a moment he watches Babe hold Jarrod over her shoulder tapping his back. He chuckles as he hears baby J burp several times, watching closely to see how Babe does it. He grins at Babe sheepishly as she begins to dress baby J, remembering that he had forgotten to dress the little guy.
His eyes scan over Beth to Babe then to Jarrod smiling at seeing Jarrod’s little hands wrap around Babe’s fingers. Malion stands hearing Babe’s words, gently carrying Beth over to her as he hears Silver re-enter.

Malion smiles seeing Silver and Tris’s present’s, knowing that they will come in handy. His fingers caress along Beth’s face listening to Babe and Silver as he watched Beth open her mouth and whimper. He looks lovingly down to Beth holding her closer to him cuddling her in both his arms.

Seeing Babe’s blush, knowing her thoughts, he gently lays Beth into her arms. He spots a blanket on the bed that would be perfect for his use. After opening it fully Malion holds it in front of Babe looking over the top winking to her. He smiles watching Babe move Beth into place pulling another small blanket over Beth.

Malion nods his head as he refolds the blanket and sets it back on the bed,
You’re welcome my love. He leans toward Babe picking Jarrod up in his arms, holding his son as his lips move to Babe’s kissing her tenderly. He sits back down across from Babe sighing happily, the events of the day finally hitting him as he watch's Jarrod fall off to sleep.

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna A10 With my lips tasting Malion my eyes close tenderly as we kiss softly as he gently lifts Jarrod off my lap, I feel his lips slip from mine, my eyes open looking lovingly into his brilliant grays.  Malion pulls Baby J close to him then moves away sitting back down across from me when I hear him sigh out happily.  I can see in his facial expression and in his eyes that the events of the day are beginning to take tulle as he watches our son drift off to sleep with a full tummy.

I smile warmly to them as Beth continues to suckle while my fingers caress her small body under the blankets as one of her petite hands rests upon my chest her finger twitching about.  As I turn my attention back to her I see her brilliant blue eyes glisten up to me, I smile wide leaning down kissing her forehead.  I extend my index finger up caress her teeny cheek.  

I whisper to her 
“Little girl you have stolen my heart, you and your little brother Jarrod may have come early, but you shall never go hungry or ever be left to wonder where you came from you shall always be showered in love”, a tear slips from eyes trickling down my cheeks as I raise my head slightly looking over to Malion and Jarrod rocking in the rocker he so diligently made with his masculine hands and new tools.  

With the frigid night air swirling about I tuck the Beth up closer to me as she suckles the milk.  As I feel her little heart beating next to me I feel a gust of wind engulf my feet I instantly pull my feet up onto the bed and bring Beth even closer wrapping the blanket around her frail body.  I turn my head back to see where the air is drifting in when my eyes come upon the opening; a large gap at the bottom of the tent seems one of the stakes has broken loose allowing the air to rush in.  
The fire flickers lower as the wind picks up my heart sinks as I look across the room to Malion who is cradling Jarrod.  I swallow hard with a sense of fear engulfing me my mind pauses I think to myself
“me fear, what is wrong with me“, I blush softly as I get up with my bare feet touch the chilled ground moving closer to the fire that sits in the middle of the room.  

The safety of my children floods my mind and soul; I must protect them from this I mustn’t panic.  As I turn to Malion I see him wrap Jarrod in another blanket then he starts to hand him to me, my eyes widen as I attempt to shift Beth within my arms.  Suddenly Malion swings his body and he hands Jarrod to Patan then he rushes out the tent with some of his tools in hand.

I bend down carefully place another log on the fire when I hear a large cracking ring out, the tent is billowing inward from where I just left with a substantial section snapping inward, my body begins to quiver with the frigid night air surrounding us. 

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna C10   Sitting quietly sipping her tea in the warm tent, a warm blanket tucked around her for extra warmth and the soft sounds of Beth and Jarrod mingling with the crackling of the fire, Patan is lulled into an almost dream like state after the unexpected excitement of the day.
Suddenly, a cold draught of air hits her legs and she looks up to see the tent beginning to billow.   As she rises, Malion quickly passes Jarrod to her before he hurries out to deal with the emergency.

Holding the baby securely against the warmth of her body, she picks up the blanket that had surrounded her and hurries towards Babe, wrapping the blanket around her and Beth, trying to shield them all from the icy blast.
"Babe, I don't like the look of this. I think we need to get you and the babies into the other tent until Malion can secure this one."

She looks around to Silvermane, "Silver, can you please check that the other tent is still intact and warm, first, before we try to move? I don't want them to go outside until I know there is somewhere safer for them."

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna H10 Silvermane sets his cup of tea aside as the wind whips up the tent. Quickly, upon hearing Patan's words: Patan wrote: Silver, can you please check that the other tent is still intact and warm, first, before we try to move? I don't want them to go outside until I know there is somewhere safer for them.... and moves out of the tent to check the other one.

Bundling up warmly he exits the tent and runs to check the tethering ropes on the other tent. Having checked each one in turn he nods to himself with a smile seeing that all is secure. He peeps inside the tent and sees the brazier glowing giving off the necessary heat to keep things warm and toasty.

Returning to the first tent he shouts over the rising wind, "The second tent is secure and warm.
Why don't you move yourselves and the children to the other tent while Malion and I try to secure this one?"

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna C10   Trying to shelter Babe and the children while Silvermane checks the other tent, Patan thinks about the best way to move them all. Hearing Silver's shout that everything is all right for them to move, she quickly reaches over for the cosy baskets that he had given for the babies' arrival. Having been near to the fire, they are nice and warm, their cosy blankets ready to keep the new-borns safe from the winter's on slaught.

Still holding the blanket around Babe, Patan carefully places Jarrod into the warmth of the blue basket, wrapping the covers around him, making sure that he is fully protected whilst still able to breathe well.

She picks up the pink basket and holds it ready for Babe to put Beth safely inside its welcoming safety, ready for short move to the warmth of the other tent.

A Scott Is Born ~ Birth of Jarrod & Jhavanna D10 Malion jumped as he felt the cool breeze come over him. He knew instantly something was not right. His eyes turned seeing tent billowing inwardly because one of the stakes had broken. As he stood carefully handing Jarrod to Patan his mind thinks of the things he must do to secure the tent again.

Taking what tools he needed he rushed outside after faintly hearing Patans words,
"Babe, I don't like the look of this. I think we need to get you and the babies into the other tent until Malion can secure this one." While he didn't like the idea of them traveling through this cold air to the other tent, he knew it would be the safest option and the best.

Malion is just reaching the damaged side of the tent when he spots Silver checking the other tent and peeking inside. He assumed all was well there when Silver returned back to the damaged tent.

The tent billowed wildly in the brisk wind, threatening to damage anything that got in its way. The broken stake flew through the air at a high speed still connected to the flapping tent. Malion paused, deciding the best course of action would be to catch the tent from the side avoiding the flying stake. He watched the tent billow for a moment then rushed in from the side grabbing onto the flap.

The strong wind pulled the flap from his hands in a flash as he underestimated the power of the wind. He felt a flash of pain his hands but quickly put that to the back of his mind, the safety of his wife and children were his first priority.

Malion stepped to the side once again, rushing in to take the tent flap, this time accomplishing his goal. He held on tight with one hand, though its tung terribly. Gritting his teeth he took the old stake from the tethering ropes, tossed it aside, and then pulled out a spare stake he had taken from the extra supplies they had packed. He found the right spot for the stake then hammered it into the ground, until it was secure.
After pulling on the rope, assuring himself that it was secure, he was satisfied. Malion turned rushing back to the front of the tents wondering if they had moved. He ran his hands through his hair causing himself to cry out with the excruciating pain. Then he felt something slide down his forehead, he turned his eyes to his hands. They were red and bleeding from the stake cutting them on his first attempt at repairing the tent.
Malion reached up, the back of his hand attempting to wipe the blood from his face but instead smearing it as his hands shook. He turned to the first tent opening it slightly to see if they had moved to the second tent.
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