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 WalMart Doctor

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PostWalMart Doctor

Joe complains to Mike his elbow hurts. Mike says Go to the Walmart Doctor it's a machine you dump a urine sample in and it tells you whats wrong with you.

Joe figured he would try, he goes to the WalMart Doctor and dumps his urine in the slot After 30 seconds the Doctor prints out instructions that read “you have tennis elbow take some Alieve (aisle 2) and avoid heavy lifting”

Later that night Joe wondered if he could mess with the WalMart Doctor. So he mixed some puppy pee, urine samples from both his daughter and wife with a little semen of his own. He takes it all to back to the Walmart Doctor and dumps it in the slot. After about 30 seconds it printed out instructions.

Your puppy has worms buy meds (aisle 3)

Your daughters addicted to crack put her in rehab.

Your wife is pregnant with twins. They're not yours get a lawyer

And quit jacking off or your elbow will never get better. Thank you for shopping at WalMart.

Wink Thanks Becca
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WalMart Doctor

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