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 Official Mandate to the Judges of SE - WARNING

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Official Mandate to the Judges of SE - WARNING Left_bar_bleue200/200Official Mandate to the Judges of SE - WARNING Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
Official Mandate to the Judges of SE - WARNING Left_bar_bleue200/200Official Mandate to the Judges of SE - WARNING Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
Official Mandate to the Judges of SE - WARNING Left_bar_bleue200/200Official Mandate to the Judges of SE - WARNING Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)

Official Mandate to the Judges of SE - WARNING Empty
PostSubject: Official Mandate to the Judges of SE - WARNING   Official Mandate to the Judges of SE - WARNING I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2009 11:21 pm

A judge must always keep in mind this fundamental rule: he should act only within the interest of the Scott Estate game, the interest of the game being firmly defined by the interest of all the players (and not only of the majority of them), including those condemned: a judgment has to be found which satisfies not only the plaintiffs, but also the defendants who must abide by the verdict with sufficient grace, so as not to be disappointed in the game and become disinterested in it.

A few general principles of justice:

The judge wields an astonishing power over the thousands of players within Scott Estate; a power which goes together with a high level of responsibility towards the other players, the game in general and the creators. Hence, if the judge abuses or misuses this power, he/she can seriously endanger the balance of the game, taint the atmosphere of it and cause the fragile foundations, upon which the game has been lovingly built by its creators, to share.

Hereafter stated are a certain number of rules which the judge is obliged to respect. The purpose of these rules is to organize and co-ordinate justice throughout all counties/duchies and within the time period.

Each punishable or criminal act, for which the judge estimates the defendant to be guilty, is sanctioned by a penalty. This penalty must be proportional to the act which brought about the charges. The judge is responsible for maintaining consistency in the punishment imposed on the accused in accordance with the severity of the proven offense.

In case of (i) disproportionate punishment, (ii) doubts as to the balance and equity of the judgment, (iii) doubts as to the compliance with Ducal law, (iv) violation of the present Charter, and after a discretionary review by the Prosecutor in the Court of Appeals, the aforementioned Court may revise the initial trial.

Any judge who (i) repeatedly violates the provisions of the present Charter, (ii) disregards the warning statements from the Court of Appeals or (iii) takes advantage of his/her position may be prosecuted for High Treason in front of the Court of Appeals. The maximum sentence for said crimes is eradication, in severe cases of obvious abuse acknowledged by the admins.
A person can not be judged twice for same the act by the same jurisdiction level. This is enforceable in the entire Knight Seekers.

About the penalty

A judge can always issue a fine (of which the estimate of the amount is left to his/her discretion) and/or a maximum 3 day prison sentence for all the offenses.
In the most serious of cases (if possible with the agreement of the condemned for RP reasons, or if the player has stopped playing), or in the event of a crime where blood has been split, the judge can sentence a character to death. The character will subsequently lose 10 statistic points in each area (Charisma, Strength and Intelligence).

True-False offenses

These are in fact all IRL offenses, which can be sanctioned by real life justice, and which lead to a systematic eradication of the character, as well as, in the case of the situation being deemed serious enough by the administrators, REAL LIFE legal measures.
These comprise:
- Insults and other verbal offenses
- Cheating and exploitation of the game’s faults
- Account hacking and the abuse of other players’ passwords

Particular offenses

These are particular offenses which by their severity in relation to the balance/harmony/stability of the game and in the general interests of SE can be sanctioned by a longer prison sentence than three days:

Be careful: Any judge who overrides the maximum prison sentences will see him/herself prosecuted!

-Defendant’s level - 0/1: 3 days maximum
-Defendant’s level - 2: 6 days maximum
-Defendant’s level - 3 and +: 10 days maximum

Particular offenses are:
- Witchcraft and multi-accounting
- Large scale abusive profiteering and plundering of public finances.
- Crimes where blood is split and armed robbery
- Flagrant recidivism (repeated offenses)
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Official Mandate to the Judges of SE - WARNING
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