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 Kidnapped to Our First Home

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Kidnapped to Our First Home Left_bar_bleue200/200Kidnapped to Our First Home Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
Kidnapped to Our First Home Left_bar_bleue200/200Kidnapped to Our First Home Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)

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PostSubject: Kidnapped to Our First Home   Kidnapped to Our First Home I_icon_minitimeSat Oct 24, 2009 1:41 pm

Kidnapped to Our First Home D11 By the seashore in the woods rests a little house some might consider shabby, others rustic. A small stream branches off a larger river just past the house allowing for fresh water close enough to the house for easy drawing but far enough away so as to not flood the area. Just a few hundred feet from the house is a small cove that leads straight out to the ocean, with a wonderful view of the islands that rise from the ocean floor not too far out.

The new owner had spent all day there fixing it up on the inside, arranging various items in the different rooms. The kitchen was well stocked with his wife’s favorite foods from the market in town.

The kitchen had a door leading straight to a smaller room with a table and chairs set around it. On the table rests a clean white cloth with two silver candlesticks in the middle of the table. In front of the chairs were complete sets of dinnerware, shining silverware included.

Another door led to a larger room with a queen sized bed placed against the wall. A large quilt he had bought from the market lay over the bed just long enough to reach the floor. Across the room stood a large crib with blankets and stuffed bears he had found in the market. Yet another door led to a smaller room with a little bed covered by a smaller quilt, decorated with all sorts of animals.

Aside from arranging all the furniture inside he had also climbed to the roof patching it up in case it rained. After checking the doors and walking through the house once more he mounted his horse and rode back to town. Making one stop at the stables for the carriage he left there he left his horse and drove the carriage to where his family resided.

Malion left the carriage just outside the place where they were staying and strode quietly in. He was a met by a boy, no older then 8, who was jumping around excitedly.
I kept mommy busy all morning just like you asked dad. Malion chuckled, I hope you didn’t keep her too busy, Lem, but I know you did a good job. You can go ahead and get in the carriage while I go get Babe.

He ruffled Lem’s hair before turning to the room in the back where he could hear Babe humming. He opened the door slightly peeking in his eyes adjusting to the light in the room. Just as he suspected he found Babe in the rocking chair holding baby J and Beth in her arms rocking them. Malion opened the door wider quietly stepping towards Babe. I have a surprise for you honey but you have to come outside to see it. He grins at her mischievously, watching her expressions as he strode to the closet then to the Chester drawers pulling out clothes and carefully setting them into a trunk.

Malion laughs softly noticing Babe watching him with a puzzled look on her face,
Don’t worry, you’ll see in a bit, but first you have to go out to the front door. He smiles walking toward her, setting his arm around her waist leading her to the door where she can see the carriage waiting outside with Lem sitting in it waiting patiently. Malion smiles and bows to Babe, Your carriage awaits m’lady.

He winks then hurries back into the house. A few minutes later he comes back outside with the trunk over his shoulder. After setting the trunk on the carriage and securing it he helps Babe into the carriage then kisses her lips gently, You’ve been kidnapped my love.

Kidnapped to Our First Home A11 My eyes sparkle with love for the two little bundles of joy and amazement that are within my loving arms as I rock them back to sleep humming lowly as Lem rushes outside I look up smiling as he disappears from sight. My focus returns to baby J and Beth as I hear Lem talking outside, I figure he must be playing with the pups again.

I hear foot steps figure it is Lem coming back in for something or checking to make sure he can go play and once again making sure I have everything I need. I think to myself he is so grown up for his age as I smile to myself closing my eyes when I hear the foot steps coming closer as I look up I see my husband Malion standing there with a mischievous grin upon his lips I reply:
"Hi baby Lem just went outside he has been so much help to me today as usual."

Malion replies: "I have a surprise for you honey but you have to come outside to see it."

My facial expressions showing my curiosity, my mind soars wondering what my loving man is up too, he has given me so much already. As I rock forward standing with the babies in my arms I look over to him quite puzzled as he says: "Don’t worry you’ll see in a bit, but first you have to go out the front door."

I adjust the babies in my arms so that I can grab a couple more blankets to lay across them keeping them warm and the cool winter air off them. I slowly walk toward the front door when I feel Malion set his arms around my waist I giggle as he leads us to the door. My eyes widen as the carriage comes into view, as I scan the carriage I can see Lem is already inside waiting patiently.

I walk closer to the carriage taking in the full view of it as Lem reaches out waiting for me to hand him one his siblings at a time. I smile to Lem when I hear Malion say: [color=lightblue] "Your carriage awaits m’lady."
I smile bright to Malion and giggle as his bows I lean tenderly into him kissing him softly on the cheek.

“Oh thank you baby this is a surprise!” I reply.

Lems hands are still extended waiting for the babies I hand him baby J first, I watch Lem place baby J in a carrier then cover him within the blanket then he comes back for Beth.
"Thank you Lem you are such a gentleman", I utter.

Malion rushes away then returns within a few minutes with the trunk over his shoulder I look to him and wonder what he is up too but know there is possibly more to this then just the carriage ride for him to be bringing out our trunk of items. I watch Malion place the trunk on the carriage then secure it into place.

He walks back over to me kissing me gently then he says:
“You’ve been kidnapped my love.”

I smile warmer to him with a shocked look upon my face I blush as I say: “Kidnapped sounds interesting, don‘t forget the rocker sweetheart.” I place one hand into his then place one foot on the metal step and enter the carriage with ease. I turn to him reply: “I am all yours baby, take me to your leader. “

I sit down close to Lem wrapping one arm around him as I look down to carries making sure the babies are still sound asleep then back to Malion as he rushes back in to gather the rocker.

I turn my focus back onto Lem giving him a motherly kiss on the forehead as I caress his hair then softly and lovingly say to him:
“You‘re a wonderful son, Lemuel.” With my heart beating fast with anticipation of what is still to come, I bend over bringing another blanket over us as we wait for Malion to return.

I chuckle to myself thinking Kidnapped on our six month anniversary and my Birthday.

Kidnapped to Our First Home D11 After helping Babe into the carriage Malion hurried back inside to get the rocker. He returned, securing the rocker to the carriage, then walking to the side of the carriage and stepping into it. Grinning at Babe he took the reigns in his hands and snapped the horses into a walk. Malion sat back next to Babe holding both reigns in one hand. He wrapped his other arm around her and ruffled Lem’s hair winking at him, You did well son, thank you for your help.

He tightened his arm around Babe watching the road as they road out of town slowly so as to not wake their sleeping babies. Malion turned his eyes to where Jarrod and Beth, smiling as he watched them sleep so peacefully. His heart filled with wonder and love scanning over their little frames, knowing that they were Babe’s and his.

Malion took a side road off of the main road leading through a thick wooded area on the outskirts of town. He looked across his little family seeing Lem looking excitedly out the carriage covered with the blanket Babe had brought over them. His eyes turned to Babe’s twinkling brightly,
Where we are going you aren’t allowed to do a thing except relax and enjoy your captivity; Lem and I will handle everything. We have so much to celebrate and I want you to enjoy it. He thinks for a moment then chuckles, Well everything except for feeding baby J and Beth, I don’t think we can do that.
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Kidnapped to Our First Home
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