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 Why I am preparing to leave.....

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Why I am preparing to leave..... Left_bar_bleue200/200Why I am preparing to leave..... Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
Why I am preparing to leave..... Left_bar_bleue200/200Why I am preparing to leave..... Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)
Why I am preparing to leave..... Left_bar_bleue200/200Why I am preparing to leave..... Empty_bar_bleue  (200/200)

Why I am preparing to leave..... Empty
PostWhy I am preparing to leave.....

I stood up for the citizens of Gloucester I have been righteous in my decisions I have done nothing against anyone in this game yet it has come down to condescending attitude toward me time and time again.

I found that people who perceived they to be friends only did so in order to gain power and prestige for themselves. These so called friends give me a hug while their dagger glistens in the darkness as they shove into my back repeatedly with not remorse what so ever.

They stand there watching me bleed, the blood dripping from my skin soaking my clothing as their words bellow from their lips
“Guess you aren’t the friend I thought you were”. The nerve!

How can you state this to me when it was you who never was my friend instead used me as your stepping stone ~step~.

I once believed that you were my friend, however, you proved me wrong by telling every one of our private conversations.
Thank you very much!

When I asked for help to learn a position I was told ask someone else, then in the same sentence if you need help ask, I ask, get I don’t know. Then someone else comes along ask for help with the exact same thing and you help them. Oh, clear picture!

New ideas I came up with was told no don’t do it, now they have come into play. Turn up the volume, I am just getting started.

I asked long ago with help to learn to become Mayor, no help came, I asked again still no help came. Then one is mentored! Hmm?

I have been called a cheater, a liar, a barks *thank you*, a back stabber, two faced. Show me this proof!

I know people say these things to try to cover their own lack of confidence and their tracks and I know many have had lashings upon them. This doesn’t make it right!

Nor does it make it hurt any less especially when you truly believe said person (s) was your friend.

Do not like me because I am a strong women in many ways, stand up for what I feel is right, for the people for myself. Don’t like the competition, this shouldn’t be my problem this is something you need to search your own soul for and deal with.

I never did you wrong, I never let our conversations out. I never told another soul of your personal behavior that did not agree with my morals. I let you do your own thing, let you be you, if my happiness makes you sad or angers you this is your issue.

I am not here to entertain you; you are not here to entertain me. What happened to the fun within this game?
It’s gone!

Where is the commonness of the people helping one another not just a selected few that they think they can control?

I was contacted on necessary basics, necessary to get a vote through. If I did not vote the way you wanted me too, I was told I didn’t understand the politics of it and should have asked question.
I understood what I read and I understood the politics of it.

When I implemented ideas and put into place I had several who stated they would help however this help did not pan out. Now it has come to light and these people are heading it. You tell me!

How far back shall I go? There is much to proof in their words but more so in their actions.

I do not find it necessary to name names you know who you are and you know what you have said and done.

I worked my way up through the ranks of SAS on my merits, on my work ~ conduct. I had to be voted in as Lieutenant seems this has changed.

Tell me I need to follow chain of command when you never did!

Tell me you have my back, and then come to the vote you switched. You had my back alright only it was your dagger being plunged in deeper.

I never rode another skirt tail to gain any position in the game. I have stood on my own grounds, walked the path of honor, loyalty, respectfulness, passion for what I seek.

I never once turned my back on my fellow soldier or citizen, I did as asked. I fought for your rights.

As the town mentor I wanted to redo the out going letter was told to leave it alone it was good the way it was.

Every step I took, every time I moved, I was watched like a hawk, being told no you can’t do that or this then when I stepped down these changes where allowed.
You tell me what this means!

I have allowed you to shove me into the corner and hold me there way to long, it is time for me to come out, stand up, shove back, remove your hands from me and say ENOUGH!

These are some of the reasons I am preparing to leave Gloucester behind. Now you know!

This has not been written for debate. I wrote it so that I may sleep once again and continue on with my life, filling it with the happiness that awaits me.

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Why I am preparing to leave.....

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