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Dear Daddy,

Time has shown us many paths, some extremely rocky, we all wondered if we'd make it through.

You fell deeply / solely in love with a beautiful lady *my mom*. Your heart was pure your mind not so sure about since you came into a already made family of four teenagers. However without regards to your own safety you plunged right in giving us all unconditional love.

In the beginning my first thoughts were "oh no here we go again". I didn't care for you and wanted you no where near me. I know you know why, now and I regret feeling that way about you. Had just gotten away from my own biological father whose abuse was overwhelming I figured all adult men were the same.


You tried with all your might and never gave up to show us all how much you cared and loved. My heart grew each day and remains to grow I love you fully and unconditionally.

If I could I would give my life so that yours can continue, knowing you'd be healed no longer in pain / suffering.

This is not a letter of goodbye, no indeed not; it's a letter to say THANK YOU for being you. For doing all that you've done, for the love you have shared, for the light you put in my moms eyes.

If you hadn't come into our lives I know for sure we wouldn't have made it to be adults. You gave us all a fighting chance and we all made it thanks to your help.

We were broke, we had no food, we had broken promises. we had the love our mom. You put us back together. You made sure we had food in our tummies, roof over our heads, and promises that weren't broken.

Over the years I've told you why I don't call you father... and I hope you remember this forever. It's not disrespect. Any man / boy can father a child however it takes someone very special to be a DAD.

You're my DAD, and yes in many ways more than others you're my father. You didn't seed me but that doesn't matter.

If I were to go on listing all that you have done, all your wonderful qualities, that you've done for us,"'for me" this would be an never ending letter.

I shall add: You and mom came to my rescue when the man I was married to had once again beaten to the point of almost taking my life. I thank you for standing up for me over the years. For always being here through all the good times and bad.

You brought sunshine to our meek lives, darkness was no more!

I have known "two" men in my life that have made a big positive impact on me. You and my beloved missed grandfather Lawrence Lester Brooks.

You're a rare gift. every child in this world should be as lucky as I have been to be graced by you.

I love you with all my heart and soul!

Love your baby girl,
Shell "ME"

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