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 Time Brings Us Together

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Time Brings Us Together Left_bar_bleue10/200Time Brings Us Together Empty_bar_bleue  (10/200)
Time Brings Us Together Left_bar_bleue10/200Time Brings Us Together Empty_bar_bleue  (10/200)

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PostTime Brings Us Together

Time Brings Us Together...

It’s a warm summer’s day, the crystal blue water is cool and the birds are singing the trees dancing in the breeze. The water flows down the side of the hill with ease, the sound is inviting. I jump into the water to freshen myself swim up under the flowing waterfall. Relax in the comfort of the embankment taking the time to reflect on life, the days that have passed and what tomorrow holds. Shaking off these thoughts I dive back into the water swim more. I return to where I had laid my blanket to dry in the summer sun take a moment to look in the direction of my wondering mare. She is beautiful, mostly tan with a white star upon her head. As I sit watching the waterfall flow to the hundred foot wide seventy-five foot long pond, I hear my horse munching on the grass behind me and moving about. I settle back down to enjoy the suns warmth when I hear my mare again then a strong but gentle voice breaks the silence: You look lonely would you like someone to talk to. As I look up to the tall curly blonde stranger seeing his muscles bulge from within his short brown sleeved shirt and tightly fitting blue jeans he continues, if you don’t mind may I sit down beside you? Before I utter a word he goes on, I am lonely too I just want to sit. I motion for the tall stranger to sit. We sit silently watching the water flow it shimmering with sun bouncing off it. Daylight is beaming through the tree tops, I turn to him. “I must go’. I stand to leave with a gentle hand he stops me; “Can’t you stay?” As I look into his deep blue eyes I tell him: “I mustn’t I must return home“. His voice cracks, it’s been a long time since I was in the presents of such a lovely lady”. My heart sinks thinking he is only wanting company: “Alright then I will stay a while longer, not to long though“.

My dear lady you have no idea of why time has brought us together,
As I hear these words my heart races could a man I just met know what lies within me, has he suffered the same tragedy as myself Please tell me stranger why you have come My name is Jake; it is my pleasure to meet you. As I sit I tell him my name is Islandbabe good to meet you I have traveled many days; a few miles back I saw a beautiful log cabin noticed no one around decided to keep riding. I have landed here with you. Knowing that the log cabin he passed was mine I wasn’t sure if I should share this information Islandbabe I can tell by the way you hold yourself you doubt my intentions I am not here to harm you like I said I am lonely too and would like to take the time to get to know you. I can see why you have chosen this area for your retreat it’s beautiful! Why do you think I am hiding? I come here often to enjoy the serenity, the water and the scenery I do understand this Islandbabe but I can see the anguish in your eyes I too have encounter catastrophe. If you will tolerate me we can sort out these things simultaneously. I am a man of integrity and principle it is not everyday that one meets another of the same qualities.

My mind drifts knowing that my trust is low my fear is high. Am I to confide in, trust this man how can I, how can I ever count on anyone every again. He sees that I am uncomfortable “It is a hot day how about a swim“. With his slightly rough but gentle hands he takes mine we plunge into the water swim in harmony. My mind settles as the time passes, it now feels like we have known one another longer then these few hours. Tender smiles overtake us. We swim the great length of the pond with ease. Our calm swim turns to playful competition. Being out of energy we float to relax regain our strength, soaking up the sunshine. Jake divers under the water I feel him grab my toe. I look around for him; he is to low to the bottom to see. I dive deep into to the water looking for him my energy isn’t up to full strength I have to return to the surface. I scan the water no sign of him then without warning he erupts from the water.

It is high noon we swim to the embankment to return to shore. Jake is ahead of me he walks up the stone walkway leading out of the water, I start up the slop, slip in the mud. Jake rushes catch me in mid fall. He pulls me up close to him. He holds me in his strong muscular arms. Looking up into those shining blue eyes my body trembles. He pulls me closer I wrap my arms around him. Our wet bodies touching feel his heart beating fast as mine. Our mind and emotions are entangled we remain silent holding one another. Minutes pass then he lowers his head in a motion to kiss me, I put my cold wet hands on his muscular chest pushing myself away.

I don’t mean to come on too strong.
He releases his hold slightly lifting me to the shoulder of the shore, puts me down gently. He extends his hand, I turn my head not wanted him to see the emotion that has over taken me. He reaches over gently caresses my cheek. My dear lady it’s alright I won’t hurt you; let’s take it slow, I understand. I slowly turn to him with my head down; I see that his hand is still extended. I put my small hand into his large waiting hand. He motions for us to walk, I hesitate. We don’t need to talk let’s walk enjoy this day. I submit to this knowing this would be better then laying on the shore. We walk barefoot hand in hand kicking small stones to one another. The narrow dirt path is smooth from years of wear; it's lined with beautiful yellow flowers with the sun filtering through the trees that reach high. Shadows of tree leaves dancing on the path, it’s a warm day with a slight breeze moving the foliage. The gentle breeze permits me to catch the masculine scent of his cologne.
We walk several yards in total silence enjoying the scenery hearing the crinkling of leaves; we know that wildlife is stirring near. The extremely tall trees give the impression to go for miles in both directions with the green hillside presenting itself on the right side of the pathway.

After walking several more yards Jake removes the silence. If you don’t mind I would like to tell you a little of how I ended up here, where time has taken me. Raising my head looking to him with a small smile appearing upon my face, I agree for him to continue. I was once married to a wonderful lady, whom I loved with all my heart. We brought into this world three incredible children two boys one girl. I had traveled to another town to obtain supplies for my corn field, upon returning home I found everything gone my wife, my children and my farm. My wife and children were murdered my farm burnt to the ground. I jumped from my wagon, ran to where my home use to stand to find their charred bodies and the evidence of who had done this. I buried there lifeless bodies, set out to find the men who committed this horrendous crime. It took me only a few days to find their camp. I will spare you the details, I confronted each of the four men before serving justice, thus knowing this will never bring my loved ones back to me I had to finish what they started. It has been years since, these images I will never forget my heart to this day pains for them all. I have traveled none stop over these years, meeting you has giving me faith that there is still goodness in this world and in mankind. When I first saw you sitting there your long damp auburn hair, legs tucked under and your dark brown eyes insistently knew that we were meant to meet.

Gripping tighter to his left hand I turn to him see that his has turned his head. A tear slips from his eye rolling down his cheek; I know he doesn’t want me to see. I tighten my grip a little more letting him know, I am here and give him time to regain his composure he tightens his hand around mine. We stop embrace, our hearts beat as one our moist bodies entangled our spirits pour from our souls. We are one, we are the same!

We continue to walk the path when we find ourselves entering a meadow we realize we have walked for hours. The abundance of flowers with there vibrant colors being yellow, blue, white, red and purple cover the meadow with their beauty. The wind blows smoothly allowing the lust tall green grass to flow like the ocean’s waves. I run ahead stop short of the cliffs edge, looking down to the sea that lies below. Watching the waves turn white as they crash against the huge rocks. The bluish green sea is gorgeous in all her ways. Still leaning over the edge Jake runs to my side grabs my waist pulls me back. I turn to him I am fine; I wasn’t look at her beauty all she offers, all she brings to life. Jake moves closer to the edge to view the wonder of the sea. Taking my hand he moves me slowly back away from the edge.

We sit in the tall green grass admiring the blue sky with white fluffy clouds floating by. The sky and sea look as to be one. He reaches over kisses me on the cheek; I feel my heart flutter with emotion. I am moved by this man, I am in awe of him. I don’t know why, I only met him a couple hours ago. I am taken by him in all his ways. Do I dare allow this wonderful man into my world? Why would a man of his integrity, want to be with the likes of me? Returning from my thoughts back to the moment, I see Jake is staring at me as to be reading my mind. My dear lady I was talking noticed you were lost in thought. I smile warmly, allowing him and this moment to take over. It’s alright Jake, I was preserving these memories
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Time Brings Us Together

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