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 Befriending A Cricket

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Befriending A Cricket Left_bar_bleue10/200Befriending A Cricket Empty_bar_bleue  (10/200)
Befriending A Cricket Left_bar_bleue10/200Befriending A Cricket Empty_bar_bleue  (10/200)

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PostBefriending A Cricket

Befriending A Cricket

A thunder storm was brewing all would be seeking shelter. I entered the tavern before the rain started to pour. Taking the time to say “hi” to the two patrons who were already seated at there respective tables. Taking a moment to look around I notice the little round table decide to sit there. Pulling the chair from under the table I sit order a drink from the bartender. Leaning back in the chair I remain silent for a few moments to find out what the chatter is about.

As time passes more congregate into the small cozy tavern. The conversation among all flows at a rapid speed. Time passes without hesitation. Joy, laughter and good times sail as quickly as the alcohol is devoured.

Suddenly the conversations stops the whispers begin. All is silent! Can’t make out what is being whispered not sure want to know. I lean back in my chair once again enjoying my drink and wait. Hours pass with no arrival of verbal words. I ask the bartender for a straw. The bartender brings the straw over to me I sit make small animal figures out of the straw paper while I wait for the others to return to oral conversation.

I hear a faint sound coming from the corner. I look down to my amazement I see a tiny cricket. I lower my hand for the cricket to jump into. He jumps into my hand I slowly raise him to the table. Reaching the top of the table turn my hand slightly allowing the cricket to exit without harm. The cricket sits still for a few seconds before he leaps into the air jumps around the table only to return to sit in front of me. He looks into my mug then directly at me as to be asking me for some of my drink. I think to myself: "No I am not seeing what I think is happening". Without warning the cricket learns back on his back legs in a pleading posture. I think what the heck. I take the straw insert into the mug gathering some of the liquid. I place two small drops onto the table. The cricket wonders over to the liquid lowering his head to investigate it further. One small slurp he then stretches out his back legs then consumes the remaining liquid. The cricket jumps around the table for 12 minutes with great speed.

He returns to me again, stretches out his back legs rubs them together as to be playing me a tune. He once again looks at my mug I decide to give him more. He drinks with great delight. Jumps around the table once again for an additional 12 minutes. This continues for an hour the cricket has consumed quite a lot of alcohol by now. He is pleaded for more I give him one tiny drop to please. He stretches out his back legs attempts to jump, stumbles. He doesn’t give up tries again. Now rubbing his back legs together silence has taken over the tavern except for his tune.

The bartender comes storming over, attempting to smash the cricket. I quickly grab up the cricket whimper no don’t harm him he isn’t hurting anyone. I hide the cricket under my hat. The bartender utters these words “One more sounds from it and I’ll throw you both out”. The cricket peeks out from under my hat front legs on my forehead as to say thank you then returns under my hat snuggles down in my hair falling fast asleep.

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Befriending A Cricket

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