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 Forum Violation Protocol

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PostSubject: Forum Violation Protocol   Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:29 pm

1. Introduction

The Scott Estate operates under a cumulative progressive point system for forum violations. The Scott Estate Censors and Administrators realize that people make mistakes and wish to give players the benefit of the doubt. To this end, the Censors will handle most simple violations behind the scenes, with a simple private message (PM) to the Player. Most others will result in no more than a Warning for a first offense. It is hoped that players will take these PMs and Warnings as lessons and adhere to established forum rules from there on. Some more serious violations will earn immediate suspensions to forum access, the duration dependent upon the offense.

Reminder: If you are unsure of the rules, ask your local Censor first!

2. Point and Effects Thresholds

1 Point: Player is issued a Warning via PM by censor council - Warning is announced on forum

2 Points: Player receives a 24 hour suspension from the forum - Suspension is announced on forum

3 Points: Player receives a 3 day suspension from the forum - Suspension is announced on forum

4 Points: Player receives a One week suspension from the forum - Suspension is announced on forum

5 Points: Player receives 2 week suspension from the forum - Suspension is announced on forum

6 Points: Player receives One Month suspension from the forum - Suspension is announced on forum

Points 7-8 = 3 months suspensions each - suspension is announced on the forum.

Points 9 = 6 months suspension suspension is announced on the forum.

Points 10 and above = permanently removed from forums suspension is announced on the forum.

All sanctioned violations become one point per violation.

3. Point Accumulation

Points will accumulate, and each subsequent violation will result in a suspension equivalent to the total number of accumulated points. On the first of each month any point(s) earned more than 6 calendar months prior will expire and be deducted from the Player’s record. Any pending or current enforcement action is not affected by this calendar based deduction.

4. Notes

Note 1: While Permanent Bans are no longer specifically listed, Forum Admin reserves the right to impose this most serious of penalties in cases where it is judged an unfortunate necessity for the health of the overall forum. Their position of a Permanent Ban is based upon the action(s) of a player,and is independent of point accumulation.

Note 2: Many violations of current rules 1, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 will be handled with a personal message from the Censor to the Player. These will not be point value violations unless the Player chooses to disregard the assistance and advice of the Censors and continues to commit the particular offense.

5. Explanations

Point Accumulation and Expiration:

Example1: If a Player commits several offenses over a 6-month period, the points for each offense are added together and the suspension matching the Total Points accumulated will be enforced. For example, if a player commits a 1 Point offense every month, by the end of five months that player would have served suspensions of 24 hours, 3 days, one week, and two weeks. At the end of the sixth month, the point from the first month would expire and be deducted, leaving 4 points, provided no further violations were committed in the meantime.

Example 2:A Player assessed with 3 violation points on September 1st will serve a3-day suspension from the Forum. On March 1st of the following year those 3 points earned on September 1st will be removed from the standing record, leaving zero, provided no other violations were committed in the meantime. On the other hand, a second 3-Point forum violation on December 1st would result in a One Month Forum suspension (3 + 3 = 6). On March 1st the first 3 points would be removed, but the 3 from December 1st would remain until June 1st.

6. Questions?

If you are unclear or have any questions please ask one of your Censors, Malion or Islandbabe.

7. Rule Compliance

The Censor Council reserves the right to interpret compliance with these rules and guidelines.

These rules are subject to update and change at the discretion of the Censor Council. All changes will be announced prior to implementation.

It is YOUR responsibility to be familiar with the current rules.
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Forum Violation Protocol
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