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 Public Display of Criticism

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PostSubject: Public Display of Criticism   Sun Oct 25, 2009 11:13 pm

You as a player have the right to dislike any portion of the game and or forums that you take an issue with. You have the right to express that disgruntlement but you must utilize the mandated ladder of complaint to do so or you will be in violation of the forum posting laws and subject to sanctions.

Two rules which must be respected, under penalty of banishment (or even eradication if necessary):

It is forbidden to publicly criticize censorship
It is forbidden to publicly criticize the administration.
In particular, it is prohibited to claim publicly that his character is reinstated in the game after being eradicated, and it is forbidden to other players to take public its defense.

The Forum Posting laws are also very clear on this issue in both rules 10 and 12

10. Thou shall observe and avail yourselves of the established ladder of complaints for the forum:

The local assigned censor of your area. if he or she is unavailable or cannot/ does not solve a pending issue to your satisfaction. then you may contact --------->

The Head censor of your area to review the original call and if he or she is unavailable or cannot/ does not solve a pending issue to your satisfaction. then you may contact --------->

ANY Head censor at large to review the actions of the Head censor of the area the issue occurred in and if he or she cannot/ does not solve a pending issue to your satisfaction. then you may contact --------->

The Player Admin for a final review of the actions of all censors involved and he/she will review the matter with Owner/Admin of the game for a final dispensation on the complaint.

Please note your consent upon registering for this forum granted your acceptance of the following:

You agree that the webmaster, administrator and moderators of this forum have the right to remove, edit, move or close any topic at any time should they see fit.

12. Thou shall not in any manner OOC or RP address the moderation activities/decisions of the censors/Admin on the public forums. Thou shall make use of the forum PM system to lodge any complaints to the proper censor/censors. Thou shall not harass any censor in any manner to include but not limited to those listed in forum law # 3.


Thou shall not under any circumstances reveal the real identity of a censor in any form with other players. The identification of censor's real identity by pointing out their real name or censor location area in addition to their real name is a serious offense and will be dealt with as a major forum violation. The violation protocol for such offense will be doubled in the case of a censor or ex censor revealing such information to the public.


If you are shopping at Wal-Mart and you feel the cashier over charged you, and or the store layout is illogical and or that the store clerk in automotive was rude Wal-mart does not allow you to post leaflets in the aisles to proclaim your aggravation. They do not allow you to use the Public announcement system to broadcast your annoyance.

They DO allow you to speak with an assistant manager or manager privately to voice your concern and seek resolution and if you are still not pleased you are given the opportunity to write to the District or National offices and have your say.

If you DO insist on jumping up on a table in House wares or setting up a protest outside the store then Security will have you removed from the store and or the local police will escort you off the private property

That is simply the nature of conducting business.

You DO have a way and means to express any dislike or concern or suggestion you may have and that is via PM as far up the ladder as you wish to take an issue to ascertain you have been heard.

You may NOT use the forum however for that process as that is the mandate of the Owner/Admin and is what we are charged with enforcing.

So again you DO have the means to express yourselves you are simply limited in where you may do so.

If you are not pleased with the coding or believe you were wrongly eradicated or are take issue with a moderation or believe your forum suspension appeal was wrongly denied then you may PM your concern or inquiry or plea to the highest point on the ladder and seek resolution but you must utilize Private means of communication to do so.

Thank you for observing the policy/rules mandated by the owners as no pleasure is taken in sanctioning those who ignore the policy and it is clearly stated in numerous forums and sub forums the board over.
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Public Display of Criticism
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